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Rent Suv Audi SQ7 / Q7 in Portugal and Spain

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    The All-new SQ7 key features - The seven-seat luxury SUV from Audi has been given a complete overhaul - the second generation Q7 is lighter and more efficient than its predecessor with a host of technological advancements.

    The new Suv Audi SQ7 for rent in Portugal has been designed to be 325 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. Yes - let that figure sink in. 325Kg! And its come by reducing weight in every possible area of the car. The doors are 24Kg lighter and all aluminium now, the seats are almost 19Kg lighter (don't worry they're not all-aluminium and you still get plush leather!), the exhaust system is 19Kg lighter, and the car's structure is now a whopping 71Kg lower in weight, and now uses more sheet and cast aluminium than before. This now claims to be the lightest all-wheel-drive SUV in its class.

    Do You want drive around Portugal? rent the Audi SQ7 you have confort power and space 

    The most powerfull diesel engine in the world !!!!!!

    Engine: Diesel

    Rent Audi SQ7 with 7 seats 

    Power: V8 435 Hp

    Transmission Automatic

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    Portugaltopcars No Surprises!!!! the photos that you see are from the Audi sq7 that we provide not other 

  • Audi SQ7 Suv Rental

    The drop in weight helps add to its now 28% increased fuel efficiency, but it also makes it more agile says Audi. Quattro or all-wheel-drive is standard of course, and its new lighter mid-differential also helps to the lighter weight and more efficient transmission. The diesel engine is superbly mated to the 8-speed tiptronic gearbox. And yes the standard paddle shifters are a hoot as always - downshifts are instant and the car responds overall with alacrity.

    New Audi Sq7 test drive

    the first thing you notice with the new ‘SQ7’, is that it has a more determined and defined form than its predecessor. this creates a larger road presence, even though the model is actually 37 millimetres (mm) shorter and 15mm narrower than before. this is because of the front’s horizontal lines, deeply sculpted singleframe grille that features thick crossbars, and the broad frame, which extends to the headlights. these lights are unmistakably AUDI, with a sharp and double arrow-shaped design, and are either available with their xenon, LED or matrix LED technology.

    continuing to reference its smaller size, the SUV actually boasts a larger interior, adding 21mm between the first and second rows of seats, and creating 41mm of head room in the former row and 23mm in the latter, respectively. in addition to its spaciousness, the inside provides an atmosphere of cultivated elegance with premium materials. a key focus is its wrap-around panel that runs from door-to-door, through the instrument panel. following these contours, an ultra-narrow light creates a calming ambient, which changes dramatically when warning passengers about exiting the car.

    as well as the smaller size, the second-generation AUDI ‘Q7’ features a lightweight construction, reducing its bulk by 325kg and lowering its center of mass. this makes it very easy and agile to drive, as well as bettering its fuel consumption. an important part of this is the front and rear axles’ light five-link design that replaces the previous car’s double wishbone axle. this, empowering an electric spindle drive, makes all-wheel steering possible. its back wheels turn inwards by as much as five degrees, and at low speeds, they steer oppositely to the front ones. this reduces the turning radius by up to one meter and is most noticeable, and appreciated, when driving up the curving swiss alp roads and when parking.

    however, when at high speeds, the rear wheels follow the movement of the front, optimizing its steering response and further increasing its stability. this is highly appreciated when traveling along highways, like we did, in the powerful 3.0 liter TDI and TFSI engines. the former and the first we test drove, boasts 272hp, 600Nm of torque and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.3 seconds

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